What Do You Need to Replace a Roof?

July 10, 2024

Replacing a roof is a significant undertaking that requires careful planning, the right tools, and a good understanding of roofing techniques. For those who enjoy DIY projects, tackling a roof replacement might seem like a rewarding challenge. However, it’s important to recognize when professional help is necessary. Fortenberry Roofing is here to provide expert assistance and ensure your roof replacement is done right if you’re in the Mississippi Gulf Coast area. In this blog, we’ll discuss what you need to replace a roof and why professional help might be your best option.

Tools and Materials Needed for a DIY Roof Replacement

If you decide to take on a roof replacement project yourself, you’ll need to gather several essential tools and materials:


  1. Ladder: A sturdy, reliable ladder to access your roof safely.
  2. Roofing Nails and Nail Gun: To secure the shingles properly.
  3. Hammer: For manual nailing and removing old nails.
  4. Pry Bar: To remove old shingles and nails.
  5. Chalk Line: To ensure straight lines for shingle placement.
  6. Utility Knife: For cutting shingles and underlayment.
  7. Tape Measure: To measure and cut materials accurately.
  8. Shovel or Roofing Tear-Off Tool: To remove the old roofing material.
  9. Broom or Roof Brush: To clean the roof deck before installing new shingles.
  10. Safety Gear: Gloves, safety glasses, and a harness to ensure your safety.


  1. Shingles: Choose the type and color that suits your home.
  2. Underlayment: Provides an additional layer of protection between the roof deck and shingles.
  3. Roofing Nails: Ensure you have enough for the entire project.
  4. Drip Edge: Metal flashing that protects the edges of your roof.
  5. Ice and Water Shield: A waterproof membrane for added protection in vulnerable areas.
  6. Roofing Cement: To seal joints and edges.
  7. Ventilation Components: Ridge vents, soffit vents, or other ventilation materials to ensure proper airflow in your attic.

Steps to Replace a Roof

  1. Preparation: Ensure the weather is favorable and clear your work area of any obstacles.
  2. Remove Old Roofing: Use a shovel or tear-off tool to remove old shingles and underlayment.
  3. Inspect the Roof Deck: Check for any damage and make necessary repairs.
  4. Install Underlayment and Drip Edge: Lay down the underlayment and install the drip edge along the roof’s perimeter.
  5. Lay Shingles: Start from the bottom and work your way up, following the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  6. Install Flashing and Vents: Place flashing around chimneys and vents, and install ridge vents for proper ventilation.
  7. Clean Up: Remove any debris from the roof and surrounding area.

Why Choose Professional Help from Fortenberry Roofing?

While DIY roof replacement can be an exciting challenge, there are significant benefits to hiring a professional roofing contractor like Fortenberry Roofing:

1. Expertise and Experience

With over 25 years of experience serving the MS Gulf Coast, our team understands the unique challenges the region’s weather poses. We ensure your roof is installed correctly and built to withstand local conditions.

2. Quality Materials and Workmanship

As a GAF Master Elite® contractor, we use the highest quality materials and adhere to the best installation practices. This ensures a durable, long-lasting roof that protects your home for years to come.

3. Warranties

One of the most significant advantages of hiring a professional is the warranty. We offer robust warranties that cover both materials and workmanship, giving you peace of mind and protecting your investment.

4. Safety

Roof replacement involves working at heights and handling heavy materials. Our team is trained to perform the job safely, minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries.

5. Financing

Did you know we offer financing options? If you don’t have the cash to pay for a new, professionally-installed roof, financing is an excellent option for you.


  • Are you prepared to handle a DIY roof replacement’s physical demands and potential risks?
  • How much value do you place on having a warranty for your new roof?
  • Would you prefer peace of mind with professional installation and long-term protection?

Roofing Contractor Mississippi Gulf Coast

Replacing a roof is a significant project that requires the right tools, materials, and knowledge. While DIY enthusiasts may enjoy the challenge, there are considerable benefits to hiring a professional roofing contractor. At Fortenberry Roofing, we provide expert roof replacement services in the Mississippi Gulf Coast area, ensuring your home is protected with a high-quality, professionally installed roof.

For more information on our roofing services or to schedule a consultation, contact Fortenberry Roofing today. Let us help you achieve a durable and reliable roof with our professional expertise.