Fortenberry Roofing and the GAF Roofs for Troops Program

December 7, 2023

At Fortenberry Roofing, we are dedicated to not only providing top-notch roofing solutions but also giving back to those who have served our country. Explore the benefits of our participation in the GAF Roofs for Troops program, and learn how you can elevate your home’s protection while supporting our military heroes.

GAF Roofs for Troops Program Overview

The GAF Roofs for Troops program is a unique initiative designed to show appreciation to U.S. military members, including active personnel, honorably discharged veterans, and retirees. As a participating contractor, Fortenberry Roofing is excited to offer a $250 rebate to qualifying individuals who install a GAF roofing system on their homes and purchase an Enhanced Warranty.

Qualifying for the GAF Roofs for Troops Rebate

If you’re a member of the U.S. military residing in Ocean Springs, MS, or the neighboring areas, you may be eligible for the Roofs for Troops program. To qualify for the $250 rebate, ensure that the installation of your GAF roofing system, consisting of GAF asphaltic roofing shingles and specific accessory products, is completed between January 1, 2023, and December 31, 2023. Partner with Fortenberry Roofing and experience the quality craftsmanship of a GAF Master Elite Contractor.

Enhance Your Roofing System with GAF Products

Our commitment to excellence goes hand in hand with our use of premium GAF roofing products. From durable asphaltic shingles to essential accessory products like ridge cap shingles, attic ventilation, starter strip shingles, roof deck protection, and leak barrier, we ensure your roofing system meets the highest standards of quality and performance. Visit our Qualifying Products tab for a comprehensive list of GAF products that make your roof not only resilient but also aesthetically pleasing.

Selecting the Right Enhanced Warranty

Fortenberry Roofing offers three levels of Enhanced Warranties to complement your GAF roofing system:


– System Plus Limited Warranty: GAF shingles + 3 qualifying accessory products.

– Silver Pledge Limited Warranty: GAF shingles + 4 qualifying accessory products.

– Golden Pledge Limited Warranty: GAF shingles + 5 qualifying accessory products.

Choose the warranty that best suits your needs and enjoy extended coverage and peace of mind. All warranties must be registered by your contractor within 45 days of installation.

How to Claim Your Rebate

Securing your $250 rebate is a straightforward process. Ensure your completed rebate claim form is received within 90 days of the warranty issuance date found on your warranty letter. Fortenberry Roofing will guide you through the process, making it hassle-free. Expect your rebate check within 8 weeks from the receipt of your claim.

Roofs for Troops in Mississippi

Fortenberry Roofing is not just a roofing contractor; we are a community-oriented business dedicated to supporting our military members through programs like GAF Roofs for Troops. Elevate your home’s protection with a GAF roofing system, enjoy the benefits of our Enhanced Warranties, and join us in showing gratitude to those who have served our country. Contact Fortenberry Roofing today for quality roofing solutions and the opportunity to contribute to a cause that matters.